ConsultaPanel Awards Policy

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As you know, we like to give out prizes to contributors in our research surveys where and when applicable.  After such a survey has been completed a list is compiled of all people who completed the survey (excluding those who started but did not finish the survey).Thereafter, generally a lucky draw award approach is followed** whereby a number of panel members are randomly selected in accordance with the number of vouchers that has been made available for a specific study. Whether there are awards or not for a specific study and how much is offered depends on client specifications - which are different for each survey.

If any of the randomly selected respondents is not a ConsultaPanel member he/she is notified to register on the ConsultaPanel website in order to create a profile where the voucher can be uploaded to be accessed securely.

The randomly selected respondents are then notified that they have been nominated to take up a voucher which has been made available to them on their profiles on the ConsultaPanel website.

***Our award approach may include one or a combination of the following options:

1.   A lucky draw: The total amount could be divided into a number of prizes.  A random lucky draw will then identify the lucky winners of the e-vouchers;

2.   An equally divided award between all Panel Members who participated successfully in the survey, each receiving a smaller e-voucher;

3.   A charity allocation option.

Do I have unlimited time to take up my voucher?

The voucher is made available for a specific period, only after which it is removed from the ConsultaPanel website. The expiry date by which the voucher needs to be taken up and spent will be communicated to winners, together with the voucher number.ConsultaPanel members need to redeem the voucher by using it on the rewards partner's website, such as or Netgifts.

Why do I never get an award?

As explained in the first section, not every survey that ConsultaPanel sends out has a prize connected to it – it depends on the decision of the research client, whether they would like to give an award or not. For the surveys that do have an allocated award amount, the nominees are selected randomly – so while your participation does not guarantee a nomination, the more surveys you do, the greater your chances of being nominated for an award.

Who are the people who get nominated?

Award winners are those hardworking and lucky panelists that complete their survey's and then get selected during the random draw. ConsultaPanel news gives feedback on the surveys completed and updates on the awards given during the previous period. Members agree that ConsultaPanel may use their name, hometown and home province for marketing purposes and may display their name, home town and home province on this website under a list of winners.

So why participate if an award is not guaranteed?

Our philosophy is that we provide benefits that are greater than financial rewards. See what you/fellow panel members said in a survey conducted during 2011 on participation in online surveys when asked why they participate: Top 10 reasons for participating in online surveys:

1.  I like to share my view and panel membership offers general consumers like me a place to voice their opinions

2.  I find it interesting

3.  I like to help, contribute and generally add value where I can

4.  I want to make a difference –it is not just about having a say or helping others, but about having an impact on my and others' futures

5.  I believe my input can improve product and service offerings

6.  I want to learn something

7.  I participate because I am asked to and I want to help the research company (or sponsor) asking for my input

8.  Curiosity – I want to try out something new

9.  I can receive an award in some form or another

10.  It is fun/enjoyable to participate in research.

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